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5 Year Wood Stain

Kingfisher K-X10 wood stain provides durable and elegant finishes on timber and joinery projects. Our 5 year wood stain is suitable for both hard woods & softwoods and is great for both interior and exterior use. Apply K-X10 wood stain to exterior doors, window frames, garden furniture, fences and decking for high build, long lasting protection. Ideal as a decking stain or wood finish for outdoor furniture.

KX-10 Decking Stain / Wood Stain Swatches

Wood Stain (K-X10)

K-X10 Wood Stain

Rich vibrant colour with durable and elegant satin finish.

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K-X10 Satin Wood Stain Topcoat

K-X10 Topcoat

Finishing touch to one of our K-X10 Wood Stain Colours.

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