One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)

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One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)

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One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)

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One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)

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One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)

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One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)

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One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)
One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)
One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)
One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)
One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)
One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)

One Coat Dust Proofer (Water Based)  

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Kingfisher "One Coat Dust Proofer" works on both established and new concrete floors locking away dust and hardening the surface. This outstanding concrete floor dustproofer will help tackle the problems caused by concrete dust release.Read More

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Coverage:4 to 6 m2 per litre
Application:Brush, Roller, Low pressure spray
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Concrete Floor Dustproofer

If you operate a garage, workshop or warehouse, the damage a dusty concrete floor can cause may be familiar. Problems with poor air quality, dust transfer and equipment damage can be caused by concrete dust release. Kingfisher One Coat Dustproofer tackles these problems in one easy and quick-drying application (4 to 8 hours). It offers massive time savings compared to traditional "silicate" based sealers which need multiple coats. Kingfisher One Coat Dustproofer works on both established and new concrete floors locking away dust and hardening the surface.

  • Fast 1 coat application
  • Breathable on fresh concrete so no curing delay
  • Low odour formula so fast occupier re-entry
  • Improves air quality for personnel
  • Protects plant & vehicle paint finishes from abrasive dust
  • Protects sensitive electronic and fan cooled equipment from ingesting dust
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs

If you are looking to prevent your concrete floor from becoming dusty, this concrete floor dustproofer is ideal. Enhancing the performance of your concrete surface, it is quick and very easy to apply, with no strong smell. It is usually used to seal concrete garage and industrial floors, reducing dust and wear. We have a wealth of experience developing floor sealers. This assures our customers of a quality product at a competitive price.


Kingfisher One Coat Dust Proofer is a fine particle pure acrylic ester dispersion, formulated to penetrate, harden and protect dusty concrete surfaces. Kingfisher One Coat Dust Proofer is supplied as a water based translucent liquid.



Kingfisher One Coat Dust Proofer has the following internal uses and applications:
• Hardening of new concrete.
• Excellent dust suppression on both new and existing concrete surfaces e.g. manufacturing areas, plant rooms, garages, warehouses, utility areas, healthcare & much more.
• Allows fan-cooled electronic equipment (e.g. PCs, printers) to be situated in proximity to concrete without the risk of abrasive dust damage.
• Seals spray applied concrete (e.g. shotcrete) and renders.
• Seals and protects concrete walls including pre-cast structures and block built walls.
• Resists staining from petrol, oil and many household chemicals.



• 1 coat application saves time and money, compared to multiple coats needed with traditional silicate dust-proofers.
• Breathable formula facilitates use on new concrete pours, without inhibiting curing times.
• Water based formula has minimal odour during application and curing compared to conventional solvent acrylic sealers.
• Improved air quality for personnel.
• Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.
• Protects vehicle paint finishes & equipment from abrasive dust accumulation.
• Improved air quality for personnel.
• Easy clean-up of application equipment with soap and water only.



Kingfisher One Coat Dust Proofer will not “make good” floors or surfaces where prior disintegration has taken place, nor will it give added strength to these areas.


Surface Preparation

1. Concrete floors.
Older floors should be thoroughly washed down with either pressure washer or scrubbed with water and soap detergent and if necessary a floor de-greasing agent. Rinse and allow to dry. If any indentation or crack repairs are needed, these should be made with an appropriate polymer or epoxy modified repair system. e.g. Kingfisher Damp Floor Sealer Kit. Recently poured, “dusting” or rain “pocked” concrete, should be carefully vacuumed to remove as much dust as possible.
2. Concrete walls.
Contaminated concrete walls should be scrubbed down, pressure washed or vacuumed as appropriate. Surface repairs as above.



Apply 1 x even coat by brush, roller or low-pressure spray. All substrates should be clean and free from laitance, loose dust and dirt. The product may be applied to damp surfaces, but this will retard drying times and limit penetration, adhesion and durability. Supplied ready to use, the product typically yields a coverage rate of 4 to 6 sq metres per litre depending on the porosity of the surface. Drying time will vary depending on the ambient temperature, but normally 4 to 8 hours should be allowed for each coat to fully dry. For the best results allow surfaces to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before allowing traffic /pedestrian use. DO NOT apply at air or surface temperatures below +8°C


Product Data

Appearance Translucent (may darken substrate)
Coverag 4-6m2/ litre per coat
Initial Cure 4-8 hours at 200C
Full Cure 24 hours at 200C
Application Temperature +60C to +350C
Service Temperature -200C to +500C




Store in original packaging in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and protect from frost. Note:
Once frost damaged the product is unusable and cannot be recovered by warming up or any other means.


Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture, subject to correct storage conditions.


Health & Safety

• If applying by spray wear a face mask (FFP2)
• When preparing and cleaning the surface wear a face mask (minimum FFP2)
• Wear protective gloves and overalls during preparation and application
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes
• If contact occurs wash immediately with plenty of water
• Keep out of reach of children
• Ensure good ventilation during application and drying
• Always dispose of empty packaging responsibly

The product is non-hazardous in normal use.

Further Health and Safety information on this product is provided in the MSDS, copies of which are available from the Kingfisher Technical Dept Tel. 01229 869100 or Fax 01229 869101.

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