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Monday, 19th February 2018 Free Flood Sanitiser Information

For those affected by the awful flooding caused by storm Desmond, we want to help families restore some normality to their lives in time for Christmas.

We understand the government has pledged a fund per household to help residents adversely impacted by the flooding but the timescale for delivery of this cash in uncertain.   With Christmas only 9 days away, we understand that many people will be tackling “clean up” works themselves and with this in mind we are making our “Micro X5 Flood Sanitiser” available free of the £29.94 charge and with free delivery to all those affected. 

The danger from floodwater cannot be overstated as it is potentially contaminated with everything from sewage effluent to domestic and commercial rubbish.   During clean-up you should as a minimum wear protective rubber gloves, rubber boots and face masks when handling contaminated materials.  Remove all saturated floor coverings and furniture so that walls and floors are clear for treatment with “sanitiser”.  It may be that contaminated plaster finishes have to be removed but this should only be done with the approval of your insurance company. 

Kingfisher “Micro X5 Post-Flood Sanitiser”

1 sachet makes 25 litres when diluted in warm, clean water and will treat up to 125 sq metres of floor and wall.

“Mirco X5 post-flood sanitiser” has been produced to thoroughly disinfect flooded properties prior to commencement of reinstatement works.

Although household disinfectants and cleaning agents will kill some bacteria, such products are not formulated specifically for flood water so will not disinfect the area completely. “Micro X5 post-flood sanitiser” is a broad spectrum sanitising solution which will Hepatitis, Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA and many other harmful bacteria that thrive in flood water.  Being a professional formulation you must read the safety data sheet and product data sheet before use for guidance on protective clothing and correct methods of use etc.

Find out more information here or just ask any questions you have over the phone on 0141 353 6996. 

Wishing you all the best from everyone at here at Kingfisher Building Products.

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