21 Aug 2023

Choosing the perfect exterior masonry paint

Welcome to Kingfisher Building Products, where we offer expert advice on choosing the best exterior masonry paint and applying it correctly.


Weatherflex is a superior matt finish coating that is intended to improve the durability and attractiveness of your property's external surfaces.


Discover Weatherflex: Superior Performance


Weatherflex exemplifies our dedication to quality and innovation. This exceptional exterior masonry paint has three distinguishing features:

• Weatherflex's outstanding crack-bridging properties allow it to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of substrates caused by temperature variations, reducing flaking and delamination.

• Weatherflex is engineered to thrive in adverse situations, ensuring your exterior remains protected and vivid for years. It is made from carefully selected components.

• Our microporous finish provides a waterproof layer while allowing substrates to breathe, reducing moisture buildup and potential damage.

 The Versatile Solution


 Weatherflex adapts effortlessly to various surfaces, including brick, stone,   concrete block, pebbledash, and more.

 Its harmonious "Lakes & Fells"   colour palette adds contemporary charm to your property. Whether you prefer brush, roller, or airless spray application, Weatherflex delivers a perfect finish.

 Get Ahead of Autumn/Winter Weather


As the autumn and winter months approach, now is the time to fortify your property against the elements.

Weatherflex's unmatched qualities make it an ideal choice for protection against rainwater penetration, freeze/thaw damage, and even reducing internal condensation issues.


Application: A Breeze with Weatherflex


Preparing for application is simple:

• Clean: Rid the surface of loose dirt and contaminants, ensuring a solid foundation.

• Remove Loose Paint: Eliminate flaking paint to establish a sound surface.

• Neutralise Moss & Mould: Counter green mould, lichens, and moss with Kingfisher Bio Wash.

• Pointing & Render Repair: Address decayed mortar joints with Kingfisher Pointing Solution for waterproofing and flexibility.

• Stabilising & Priming: Strengthen friable surfaces with Weatherflex Stabilising Solution.


Application is effortless:


• Stir thoroughly before use.

• Apply by brush, roller, or high-pressure airless sprayer for smooth surfaces.

• A minimum of 2 coats is recommended for best results.

• Take advantage of fast application times with crisp lines by masking off windows and vulnerable areas.

• Experience Reliability with Weatherflex


Weatherflex's superior formulation offers reliability, longevity, and a vibrant finish. It's not just a paint; it's a shield that guards your property against nature's challenges. Our commitment to quality and innovation has earned Weatherflex a loyal following across diverse properties, from townhouses to churches, lighthouses, and more.


Expert Technical Support


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Choose Weatherflex, choose excellence.

Transform your property's exterior with a paint that not only performs but endures, whatever the weather.