18 Aug 2023

Sealing a Paved Driveway

Welcome to Kingfisher Building Products, your partner in preserving the pristine beauty of your paved driveway. Our comprehensive guide empowers you with the knowledge to protect your investment and ensure your paving remains vibrant and resilient.

Introducing our trade-trusted SATIN finish block sealer, the  K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer. Crafted with expertise, it shields and enhances colour while combating organic growth. Designed for various surfaces including paver blocks, black limestone, sandstone paving, and concrete paving, our brick driveway sealant guarantees long-term protection.

Unlike water-based alternatives, our solution provides genuine durability, extending up to four years, and revitalising weathered paving, particularly black limestone.

Sealing a Paved Driveway

Rejuvenate Your Space

Block paving driveways and patios are susceptible to weathering. At Kingfisher, we have the ultimate solution. Our brick driveway sealant restores and safeguards. It resists dirt, surface staining, and weather damage, offering a lasting finish that defies wear and tear. Our premium-grade acrylic resins ensure superior quality, repelling oil, and fatty stains while penetrating the surface to shield against water, frost, algae, weeds, and moss growth. 

Application: Your Path to Success

Our K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer, a solvent acrylic sealer, transforms diverse paved and concrete surfaces, making sealing a paved driveway easier than ever before. Its penetrating resin enhances colour with a pleasing matte finish for porous materials and a satin finish for harder ones like slate. Application is a breeze—brush or roller. It's vital to clean, repair, and biocidally treat the surface before application to ensure an enduring outcome.

Sealing a Paved Driveway

 Protect, Enhance, Repeat 

 Discover the Kingfisher advantage: a durable, weatherproof finish with high UV and oil stain resistance.   Our block paving sealer slows organic growth, preserves appearance, and extends the life of your   paving materials. Apply two coats for optimal results, allowing each coat to dry for 3 to 4 hours. We   advise you to check the weather forecast before you plan to apply our block paving sealer as it cannot   be applied in wet conditions! 

 Unlock the Potential

 At Kingfisher UK, we're more than a supplier; we're your partner in preserving the essence of your   outdoor space. Sealing a paved driveway is an investment in longevity and aesthetics. Contact us   today  and discover the transformative power of our high-quality block paving sealer and let us be the   solution! You can also keep up-to-date with all the latest news and tips from Kingfisher on Facebook.