18 Jan 2021

Restore-A-Drive - The miracle paving sealer

Restore-A-Drive - The miracle paving sealer

This is the time of year when we all clean our drives and patios to make the best of our lamentably short summer - especially those of us who live in Scotland!  But what can you do with really old block paving that has lost its sparkle, even after washing?

Well the answer may be Kingfisher Restore-A-Drive, our advanced block paving sealer with the latest high intensity light fast pigments.  Restore-A-Drive is a paving sealer with a difference formulated to actually replace lost colour and then seal it in.  Older paving loses colour from abrasion, U.V light fade, rain and the freeze /thaw cycle, leaving an unattractive greyish tinge even after pressure washing.  But Restore-A-Drive delivers a carefully blended pigment deep into the surface for an authentic look which enhances the existing textures and colour tones.

Unlike paint, Restore-A-Drive will not flake because the resin formula stain is designed to penetrate into the paving surface to seal, protect and colour your paving in one easy application.

To make it really easy to check whether Restore-A-Drive is the right paving sealer for you, we have made it available in handy tester pots for only £1.50 plus VAT and postage.  As always please ring for technical support if you need advice!