05 Apr 2021

Home Owners Urged to Tackle Mould Before Autumn

Home Owners Urged to Tackle Mould Before Autumn

Home owners are being urged to re-paint their properties to tackle the spread of black spot mould before falling autumn temperatures see the return of conditions favoured by the persistent fungal growth.

Black spot mould causes unsightly marks on walls, ceilings and floors. However, it is also a potential health hazard, with its airborne spores linked to numerous health issues including respiratory conditions such as asthma. Any property offering air moisture and a nutrient source such as plaster, paint or wood is susceptible. However, house holder behaviour - including keeping windows tight shut, turning on the heating full blast and drying wet clothes indoors - can greatly enhance conditions for the fungus. Traditional cleaning and re-decoration using standard emulsion is typically ineffective with the mould growing back, usually in a matter of weeks.

Now, damp and mould specialist Kingfisher UK is highlighting the issue with the nationwide launch of a new dual-action anti-mould premium emulsion which will tackle both the symptoms and causes of black spot mould growth.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Kingfisher UK, Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint draws on the Cumbrian company's extensive experience of providing effective solutions to damp-related problems. Combining microsphere technology with the latest fungicidal chemistry, this unique premium paint robs black spot mould of moisture whilst forming an active-film fungicide to deter further infestation.

The key to its effectiveness lies in the emulsion's insulating properties, as Kingfisher UK Managing Director Gordon Grainger explains: "Black spot mould commonly occurs on colder walls. This is because cold surfaces attract moisture, forming condensation. Together with a nutrient source such as paint, plaster or wood, this is all mould needs to thrive. Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint raises the surface temperature of the wall, and thus reduces the formation of condensation by 96%, thereby making the surface no longer attractive to the fungus.

"By combining our Thermapaint technology with Kingfisher UK's fungicide expertise, we have created what we believe to be one of the most effective solutions to black spot mould. The quality, price and ease of application mean this paint is accessible to most homeowners, landlords and tenants. With autumn on its way, now is the ideal time to tackle black spot mould before the colder, damper weather provokes the moist indoor conditions so favourable to the spread of this unsightly, unhealthy blight on homes throughout Britain." The advent of autumn sees the nationwide launch of a new colour range for Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint. Previously only available in standard Brilliant White and Magnolia, Kingfisher UK has developed a 12 colour palette inspired by the Lakeland landscape surrounding the Cumbrian company's head office. Hues such as Elterwater Blue, Langdale Lilac and Patterdale Primrose are now available for direct purchase from Kingfisher UK's online store.

"Having initially trialled the product in the standard colours, we are delighted to launch this new collection of twelve attractive colours," added Gordon. "As well as offering greater flexibility, this will also mean our customers can save further on repeated re-decoration costs. Plus as a proud Cumbrian company we are particularly pleased to honour our heritage by developing a palette so inspired by one of Britain's most beautiful landscapes."

Kingfisher UK's Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint may be applied as any standard emulsion by roller or brush and is priced £33.58+vat for 5L. Colours are Ambleside Blossom, Borrowdale Stone, Brilliant White, Derwent Sky, Elterwater Blue, Langdale Lilac, Magnolia, Patterdate Primrose, Silverdale Sunrise, Tarn House Green, Ullswater Mist and Wild Foxglove. Testers (75ml) are also available at £1.50+vat. All are exclusively available at www.kingfisheruk.com.

Kingfisher UK's Top Tips: Treating Black Spot Mould Black Spot Mould is the creeping menace lurking in almost all properties, a fungal infestation thriving on the condensation which, thanks to modern insulation, heating and lifestyles, is prevalent in our homes. As well as causing unsightly black marks, and thus inevitable redecoration costs, black spot mould is also linked to many health concerns, leading to complaints and, in extreme, cases legal action.

  • Always clean affected areas with a special fungicidal wash such as Kingfisher Mould Cure (1L - £12+vat). Regular household cleaners may remove the visible black marks (for a while at least), but they are unlikely to kill the spores already embedded in and behind your paint, walls, plaster, skirtings and tiles. In fact, wiping without an appropriate fungicide will merely spread the spores thus facilitating further infestation.
  • Using a specialist fungicidal wash, wipe or sponge at least 1metre past the obvious contaminated area to sanitise invisible concentrations of spores around the perimeter. Do not worry if some black staining remains - Mould Cure renders the mould inert and ready for painting.
  • Prepare the area for painting - fill any cracks with decorators' filler, and ensure the surface is clean, dry and smooth before proceeding.
  • Re-decorate by applying a specialist anti-mould paint such as Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint (5L - £26.30+vat) - or add an anti-mould additive such as Kingfisher's Anti-Mould Paint Additive (120g -£8.35+vat) to your own choice of paint. 
  • Further reduce the risk of black spot mould recurrence by applying Kingfisher's unique dual action Thermapaint Anti-Mould Paint (5L - £33.58+vat) in a choice of 12 Lakeland colours, and enjoy additional insulation and energy saving benefits too.
  • Do all that is practical to improve airflow - e.g. open or vent windows, clear brick vents, avoid sudden temperature increases, dry laundry outdoors whenever possible.
  • In rooms where moisture is particularly prevalent, consider the installation of an energy efficient Heat Recovery Room Ventilator. These units provide a continuous air charge, replacing stale, moisture-laden unhealthy air with filtered, fresh warm air from outside.

For further FREE technical advice on these or other Kingfisher UK products telephone 01229 869 100 or 0141 353 6996.

Kingfisher UK is a British manufacturer of a wide range of building products, with particular expertise in damp and water-resistant technology. Based in Ulverston, Cumbria with a distribution office also in Glasgow, over the past twenty years the business has earned an excellent reputation for the development, formulation and manufacture of high quality special coatings and renovation products, from basis sealants to complex waterproofing systems. Today, Kingfisher UK supplies customers throughout the UK and overseas, with all of its products exclusively available online at www.kingfisheruk.com and related websites, as well a specialist training (trade only) and a free customer helpline offering technical advice.