Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)

Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)
Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)
Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)
Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)
Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)
Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)
Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)
Interior Stone Sealer (Invisible)
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No surface film - Protects from liquid staining e.g wine. Our clear stone sealer uses the very latest fluoro technology to produce an outstanding internal stone wall sealer. Read More

Coverage:5-6 m2 / litre
Application:Brush Apply

Clear Stone Wall Sealer

  • Invisibly protects interior decorative stone and brickwork
  • Repels most water-soluble liquids
  • Dries clear without leaving any sheen

Interior Stone Sealer provides an invisible stain barrier for interior decorative stone and brickwork. It doesn't darken fine decorative stone but provides excellent protection against liquid staining. Many resin-based sealers darken the material to which they are applied and this is not always decoratively desirable.

Our clear stone wall sealer, by contrast, is an advanced water-based fluoro-carbon which leaves no visible trace. It effectively repels liquids to protect the appearance of your stone surfaces without darkening. Liquids "bead up" on the surface and are not absorbed into the substrate, thus protecting your stone against staining. Suitable for interior sealing of:

  • Flagstone floors
  • Stone worktops
  • Decorative stone features
  • Stone fireplaces and hearths

Internal Stone Wall Sealer

Staining and general soiling can be a problem for people who have interior stone in their property. Our outstanding clear stone wall sealer soaks deeply into the interior stone, making it completely sealed and water repellent. This product is also second to none for protecting natural stone against staining from things like oil and grease.

Apply our stone wall sealer to the surface of stone for a high-quality water seal. We have a wealth of experience providing stone wall sealers, so you can rest assured this product stops penetrating damp. For more information regarding this clear stone wall sealer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: Interior Stone Sealer does not control "dusting", instead please refer to our Interior Brick & Dust Sealer.

I used this product to treat a large interior wall which had been grit blasted and re-pointed using hydraulic lime morter as defined under Listed Buildings Planning Conditions. The extremely porous hand made local Cambridgeshire brick are approximately 180 years old and typically not of uniform size or colour. This feature is typical of Tower Windmills in the area and one which needed to be retained on conversion and restoration. I found that thorough preparation using wire brushes followed by vacuum cleaning was essential. The uneven surface prevented efficient application by roller or spray. I found that a three inch brush was about right working from a paint tray and brushing in all directions to ensure penetration into cracks and uneven morter. It was necessary to mask off decorated woodwork to avoid staining and a second coat was necessary. Hard work but excellent result.


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