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Designed specifically as a premium gloss finish sealer for imprinted concrete driveways, our imprinted concrete sealer protects your new or established imprinted concrete beautifully. Read More

Coverage:5-7 m2 / litre
Colour Palette:

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Imprinted Concrete Sealer

  • Premium gloss finish
  • Protects the surface from the effects of rain, frost, sunlight & traffic abrasion
  • Manufactured using only premium grade acrylic resins and hydro-carbon solvents
  • Apply with roller, brush or spray
  • Protects against moss & algae growth
  • Dries quickly allowing fast application

Designed specifically as a premium gloss finish concrete sealant for imprinted driveways, Imprintseal protects your new or established imprinted concrete. Manufactured to exacting specifications using specially selected resins. Imprintseal imprinted concrete sealer protects the surface from the effects of rain, frost, sunlight and traffic abrasion.

Imprintseal not only protects and seals pattern imprinted concrete. It also enhances the colour of the original design to regain that new look appearance. Our pattern concrete sealer is compatible with Kingfisher Restore-A-Drive. In some cases, it can be used to re-pigment very faded concrete before the application of an overcoat with Imprintseal. Always apply to a discreet test area first to check colour compatibility.

Pattern concrete sealer for imprinted driveways

Our imprinted concrete sealer is ideal for protecting your patterned concrete patio or driveway. Used widely by DIY and professional contractors, it is suitable for all types of imprinted concrete surfaces. This product can protect your concrete surface from anything from moss and algae growth to oil and grease spills.

Use our imprinted concrete sealer regularly to ensure your concrete surface stays protected for years. You will find that this product will not soften in warm temperatures and will not brittle in freezing conditions. Our wealth of experience providing this pattern concrete sealer ensures outstanding results. So, enhance your imprinted concrete driveway or patio today to guarantee its immaculate appearance.


Really impressed with this product, easy to use and creates a really good end finish and protection.


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