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Fungicidal Cleaner (Weatherflex Bio-wash)

Coverage: 5L makes 25L, treats 120 sqm
Application: Garden Sprayer / Deck scrubber
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  • Remove mould, algae, moss & lichen from external walls
  • Destoys all micro-organisms in the moss & mould family
  • Apply with brush or low pressure spray
  • Avaialble in ready to use or concentrate form
  • Can be used to restore colour of existing external surface

    Kingfisher Bio-Wash is a deeply penetrating aqueous biocide cleaner which removes mould, algae, moss and lichen from external walls. It can be used to restore the colour of existing external surface or as a preparation to improve the adhesion quality for a proposed decorative coating.

    The biocide agent in the cleaner destroys all micro-organisms due to its synergistic formulation which exhibits a large spectrum of activity and a maximum efficiency of treatment.

    Dilute 1 part biocide wash with 4 parts clean water then apply using a brush or low pressure spray ensuring thorough wetting. Leave for 5 or 6 hours or preferably overnight for full biocidal action to develop and then remove any residual debris by brushing or power washing.

  • Patio Surface Neutraliser

    Have used the Biocidal Wash as a surface neutraliser on our 18 year old patio slabs. After cleaning we applied the bio wash before sealing with K-Seal. The patio looks the best it's been since it was laid and no signs of any moss or lichen returning.


    Reviewed by Bill on

    Excellent stuff

    I have been using this product for many years. I now use it in my property maintenance business prior to using masonry paint on walls and buildings. It has always given excellent results. Used it last year on my father in laws old cottage which had not been painted for 25 years. This property is on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and gets some extreme weather. The paint looks superb with no re-growth of algae etc. Can't give it a better accolade than that.


    Reviewed by Martin Williams on

    Customer Review - Fungicidal Cleaner (Weatherflex Bio-wash)

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