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Product Reviews

  • "Wonderful finish on my lead sheet bay winndows and conservatory. All stains etc fully covered"

    Lead Renovation PaintJ Evans12th SeptemberLead Renovation PaintView Product
  • "I bought this product in the kit format, with moss killers and primer. I treated and coated an asbestos roof in my garden shed that i share with my neighbor.At the end both of us were very pleased with the results, the roof is now safer as the coating provide good encapsulation and it looks nice too. The job was carried about 1 year ago and the coating looks still as a new."

    Asbestos Roof CoatingMorris21st NovemberAsbestos Roof CoatingView Product
  • "We got 3 testers and chose the dark terracotta and the finished roof looks excellent. Kingfisher recommended spraying but we used brushes and still got a really good finish, although it is a big job. "

     Roof Paint - Coating &  Sealant (Kolourseal)Andy Finlay14th November Roof Paint - Coating & Sealant (Kolourseal)View Product
  • "Excellent product which is simple to mix and use. I also bought the Quickpoint gun, pointing Solution and Mortar rake kit - so I had everything required to make a professional job at a fraction of the cost."

    Coloured Pointing MortarDavid Miller08th JanuaryColoured Pointing MortarView Product
  • "I hadn't used Weatherflex before so wasn't sure what to expect but it was very easy to work with and rollered on well to our dashed walls. The finished house in Lakeland Blue is very striking and a huge improvement!"

    Smooth Masonry Paint (Weatherflex)Daniel Burt14th NovemberSmooth Masonry Paint (Weatherflex)View Product
  • "Really pleased with the results; so was my neighbour because he ordered some too!"

    Block &  Paving Sealer (K-Seal) Dave Cole27th NovemberBlock & Paving Sealer (K-Seal) View Product
  • "Bought this in Earth Brown for my parents house. Good quality paint and they are delighted with the result. Would happily recommend to friends and family."

     Roof Paint - Coating &  Sealant (Kolourseal)Mr B McLean13th December Roof Paint - Coating & Sealant (Kolourseal)View Product
  • "absolutely superb product, restored my 16 year old block paving to look like new, I`ve personally reccomended it to friends, colleagues and passers by"

    Restore-A-Drive Coloured Block SealerJohn Lockett11th JanuaryRestore-A-Drive Coloured Block SealerView Product
  • "Definately Kwik by name and Kwik by nature! We used this tool and did a days work every 2 hours! Brilliant."

    Quikpoint Pointing GunD Miller08th JanuaryQuikpoint Pointing GunView Product
  • "Really happy with colour "

    Anti-Mould Paint (Thermapaint)Melissa27th JanuaryAnti-Mould Paint (Thermapaint)View Product

Roof Coatings

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Features and Benefits of Kolourseal Roof Renovation

  • Restored "New Roof" appearance
  • Enhanced "Kerb Appeal"
  • Waterproofs porous roof tiles
  • Reduces stress on roof structure
  • Renovates roof, extending its life
  • Resists moss and mould growth
  • Improves gutter drainage
  • Restores roof colours to their vibrant best
  • Blends repairs and roof extensions

Why try roof restoration?

Over time the elements and other environmental factors take their toll on your roof. This issue is amplified by the fact that from the 1950s onwards, use of traditional slate roofing files declined in favour of cheaper pre-cast concrete files. Often available in vibrant colours, architects favoured these roof files as they complemented their bright and modem designs. Unfortunately pigment and pre-cast technology was not as advanced as it is today and the roof tiles' original vibrant colours faded to the now familiar dull grey. In addition, quality varied and some files have proven to have a design life of only 25 years. Today in extreme cases the file surface can actually break down and become porous, resulting in moisture retention and encouraging the growth of unsightly moss, green mould and lichens. The retained moisture also increases load on the roof trusses and ultimately leaks to the inside walls, showing up as damp patches. In most cases a roof renovation, including careful repair of structural defects followed by application of Kolourseal, will restore the roof tiles' vibrant colours that originally made them so appealing, and re-seal them against future damage from the elements.

Why use Kingfisher "Kolourseal" Roof Coating?

Experts and Leaders in waterproofing

Kingfisher has been manufacturing outstanding waterproofing products for the construction industry for over 20 years. "Kolourseal" roof coatings use the latest polymer technology to produce a highly durable and attractive finish to your restored roof. Formulated using premium grade UV light-fast dyes, Kolourseal roof coatings re-seals porous clay and concrete roof files and adds spectacular depth of colour to all kinds of faded or discoloured roofing materials including concrete, clay, metal and even asbestos.

Enhance your home's kerb appeal

For most of us our home is our biggest asset and it has been repeatedly demonstrated that well maintained and fresh looking properties sell faster and command higher prices.

"Kolourseal" is an advanced micro polymer system which will not only re-seal your porous roof files but will also transform and restore your old roof and add value to your property. Developed at our Lakeland factory and tested against the worst of the British climate, we believe "Kolourseal" coatings set new standards in severe weather protection. In addition the U.V fade resistant colours will give your home a lasting appeal.

When used for complete roof restoration in conjunction with Kingfisher's Biocidal wash, Kolourseal can ensure along lasting roof renovation, making your roof look like new.

All this at a fraction of the cost, mess and disruption involved in fitting a new roof.

Guaranteed for 10 years

Where "Kolourseal" coatings are applied by an approved Kingfisher contractor, an optional 10 year guarantee is available on the roof restoration.

Available Kolourseal Colours

Black Anthracite

Stoker Grey

Dark Terracotta

Terracotta Clay

Spanish Terracotta

Dove Grey

Lakeland Green

Earth Brown

Other colours available to "special order". Due to printing and screen rendering limitations colours shown are only approximate.
More helpful information can be found on our kolourseal how to guide and product data sheet on the kolourseal product page.