Damp Floor Epoxy Sealer Kit  

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This revolutionary damp concrete floor sealer will stop damp from coming through the floor without the need for uplifting concrete. Forms a damp-proof membrane in as little as 2mm thickness! This damp proof floor paint provides an industrial grade wearable surface. Read More

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Damp Concrete Floor Sealer

Forget ripping up old concrete floors just because of a few damp patches! Damp Floor Epoxy Sealer Kit will allow you to lock moisture away. It creates a new damp proof membrane in as little as 2mm!

This innovative damp proof floor paint will stop damp from coming through the floor without the need for uplifting concrete. The advantages compared with digging up the concrete and laying in a conventional DPM are obvious. Our damp concrete floor sealer offers phenomenal time/cost saving and minimal disruption.

  • No more spending hours smashing concrete with a breaker
  • Eliminates vibration risk to fragile walls or foundations
  • No more borrowing tonnes of rubble & paying for skips
  • No more pouring concrete through tight spaces
  • Proven system - hundreds of successful installations
  • Bonds even over damp patches
  • No significant change to finished floor level
  • Easy to use 3 part system - expert guidance from the technical department if needed

Damp Proof Floor Paint

We understand that rising damp and general damp problems can be frustrating. That is why we supply an effective and reliable floor paint sealer. Another benefit to this penetrating damp proof floor paint is its broad and flexible nature. This helps it to fill minor cracks as well as handling some movement.

The Kingfisher damp concrete floor sealer can cover anything from retail and commercial properties to supermarkets. Concrete floors showing rising damp can be common in many properties. This can be because a damp proof membrane has failed or it wasn’t installed prior to the floor being laid. The porous nature of concrete means that damp can travel through, causing problems in the flooring above.

Floor Paint Sealer

Our damp concrete floor sealer can solve your problems with rising damp. It provides one of the most effective and reliable floor coverings available. This is one of the finest floor paint sealers on the market today, helping put a stop to surface water. Damp proof floor paint has the added advantage of being very easy to apply.

Floor paint sealers are usually utilised for binding, stabilising and sealing brittle and porous substrates. This is then generally overcoated with floor paint or left as a dust-proofing sealer. Our experience supplying concrete floor sealers ensures that our products are effective in any domestic, commercial or trade setting.

30kg Self Level Membrane Kit comprising of:

  • 1x 25kg bag of epoxy self-level mortar
  • 1x 4kg epoxy resin pack
  • 1x 1kg epoxy activator pack

Note: MUST be used in conjunction with Kingfisher Epoxy Primer

Epoxy Primer is sold separately as you typically only need 1 x primer to 4 kits.

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