Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)

Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)
Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)
Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)
Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)
Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)
Anti-Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint)
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If your wall is suffering from unsightly black spot mould growth, our Anti-Fungicidal Paint is the answer. Containing an active film fungicide, this fungicidal emulsion paint will prevent the future growth of black mould. Read More

Coverage:8-10 m2 / litre

Anti-Fungicidal Paint

  • Solution for walls with black spot mould growth
  • Prevent the future growth of black mould
  • Rich satin finish
  • Suitable for internal and external application
  • Rated 5*'s
  • Apply with brush or roller

Our Anti Mould Paint (Fungicidal Paint) offers the solution for walls suffering from unsightly black spot mould growth. It contains an active anti mould film fungicide. The wide range of antifungal action our fungicidal emulsion paint offers is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and cellars. It is also ideal for exterior use or anywhere else that is susceptible to mould growth.

Black mould, mildew and algae are usually related to condensation and high humidity. Our Anti Mould Paint (in conjunction with improved ventilation) will inhibit the future growth of black mould on walls and ceilings. Further, this anti-fungicidal paint with anti-mould action is compatible with conventional emulsion paints. We recommend that you pre-treat any mould infected areas with Kingfisher Mould Cure.

Fungicidal Emulsion Paint

The Kingfisher Anti-Fungicidal Paint is impressive when used on interior walls and ceilings marred by Mould. It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including brick, cement, plaster and mortar. As a high quality, low odour anti-mould paint, it is resistant to the effects of condensation and is fully washable. It can be best utilised in your kitchen or bathroom as these are the areas most exposed to mould growth.

Many domestic and commercial customers worry about problems with damp, as it can be expensive to resolve. The unrivalled performance of our anti-fungicidal paint is produced by using the latest paint technology with highly advanced biocides. This gives customers peace of mind that this product works to combat scenarios caused by fungal growth and mildew.

Our Anti Mould Paint Fungicidal Paint was developed to offer exceptional toughness and endurance. The outstanding performance of our fungicidal emulsion paint provides is second to none. If you require more information regarding how our anti-mould paint can help you, contact us today.

Mould problem solved!

We have mould growing around the window reveals in our bedroom for some time and all attempts to arrest its progress have failed -until I tried the Kingfisher paint. 100% success so far (3 months)


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