805 Membrane - Mesh

805 Membrane - Mesh
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A highly versatile, rot proof 5mm waterproofing membrane which can be used internally and externally, mesh finish is ideal for plasters and renders. Read More

Coverage:15 m2

Damp Proof Mesh Membrane

  • Can be plastered: YES
  • Dot & Dab adhesive compatible: YES
  • Internal rising damp and salt control: YES
  • External penetrating damp control: YES
  • Listed building damp proofing: YES

A highly versatile, rot proof HDPE 5mm Mesh Membrane which can be used both internally and externally. The welded mesh finish provides an excellent "key" for applying plasters, renders and adhesives. Fix with the brown "800 Mesh Plugs" at 200mm to 250mm centres (approx 16 per sq m) and leave an air gap of 25mm just above the floor, which will usually be covered up by skirting board (glued) or if there is a gap try to tuck the mesh membrane down behind the floor boards.

If you are joining cut sections of this damp proof mesh membrane, please note that you cannot overlap so the sections should instead be butt jointed and taped on both sides - on the mesh side with "mesh tape" (A25) and on the dimpled side (which will be against the wall) with overtape (A7) applied flat.

Tip: Always try to join "factory cut edge" to "factory cut edge" of the mesh membrane where possible to improve the accuracy of the butt joint.

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