7250 Damp Meter
7250 Damp Meter
7250 Damp Meter
7250 Damp Meter
7250 Damp Meter
7250 Damp Meter
7250 Damp Meter
7250 Damp Meter

7250 Damp Meter  

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The new 7250 Damp Meter from ETI is compact and features an easy-to-read, digital display with a 20-LED bar graph. This Damp detector for timber, plaster and mortars is designed specifically for building professionals and trade. Read More

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Damp Detector

This damp detector is ideal for timber and general building materials. The new 7250 Moisture Meter (AKA Damp Meter) from ETI is very compact. It features an easy-to-read, digital display with a 20-LED bar graph. It is designed specifically for building professionals and tradesmen to check the moisture content in a variety of construction materials.

The general purpose meter features five scales including concrete, plaster, two timber scales and a reference scale. Within the 20-LED bar graph, current moisture levels are displayed; green for 'OK', amber for 'Warning' or red for 'Damp'. This damp detector is housed in an ABS casing. It is robust and has a minimum of 350 hours of battery life using three AAA batteries.

There are many beneficial features of the 7250 Damp Meter. The auto-power off and hold functions ensure the instrument switches off automatically after ten minutes, ensuring maximum battery life. This feature can be disabled if required.

Integrated into the damp meter from ETI are two pointed, replaceable pins (1.2 x 7mm). They are supplied in a zip wallet with 50 additional spare pins. The damp detector is ideal for flooring surveyors and building and construction engineers.

Key Features

Five scales - concrete, plaster, two timber & reference
Easy-to-read, digital display with 20-LED bar graph
Specifically designed for the building professionals Auto-power off & hold functions


range one
range two
range three
range four
range five
battery life

6.0 to 40.0%
8.0 to 40.0%
0.1 to 15.0%
0.5 to 12.0%
0 to 1000
0.1 % or 1 (Linear Scale)
1% moisture content
3 x 1.5 volt AAA
350 hours
12mm LCD
25 x 56 x 128 mm
130 grams

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